Your visual identity goes hand-in-hand with your brand story to create a cohesive picture for customers and prospects.

Your visual identity influences how consumers perceive your brand, sometimes, before they even engage with it.

From an initial brand audit to full-scale identity branding, we help you define and develop the look and feel that will be the center point of all your marketing communications across all your paid, owned and earned channels.

At The 1118 Space, we help you identify who you are and who you want to appeal to. From there, we work to understand your brand personality and help unveil your emotional appeal. We’ll help you choose a color palette using color psychology; select your typography, and create a unique logo (or refresh your current one)

Discover. We’ll work with you to discover what is unique about your brand and understand your position within your industry.

Design. From logos to business swag, we’ll design everything you need to convey your new-found brand identity.

Implement. We’ll help you implement your newly formed brand strategy and visual identity across all your digital presences.